Highlands county bass club was started in August 2015 to have a local club for fishing the great lakes located in and around the area. Member input is always welcomed. We vote on any changes that are going to be made. Every member can bring up a rule change and it will be voted on by all members. We are a member run club and strive to make each tournament great for everyone.


       Membership will be $30.00 per year for the boater and $30.00 per year for the co angler (60 dollars per boat) payment must be made prior to fishing the first tournament for the 2018-2019 season.  Membership will be closed for the season after the roster is filled to the agreed number of boats voted on by the current club members.


       There is a $40.00 entry fee per tournament per boat plus $5 dollar fee for big bass and $5 dollars fee for classic pot to be paid before the start of the tournament. Payment will be allowed seven days prior to the next tournament. If you prepay and cannot make the next tournament you must contact the club president or tournament director within 24 hours to upcoming tournament for a refund. Entry fees may be returned upon being approved by tournament director or club president.



       Co anglers can be substituted at boaters call. A boater can only be substituted by a know to the club co angler. A known to the club co angler may fish in place of boater if boater is unable to attend but is not aloud to bring a co angler. Boater and co angler must have prior approval from club president or tournament director. A boater may fish out of the back of a known to the club co anglers boat  if boaters boat is down with prior approval from club president or tournament director .


       Each tournament will pay out first through third place and there will also be a payout for big bass. Club standings are based on a point system to determine end of year winners. 


1st will receive 150 points 2nd through 5th will drop 5 points per spot. 6th through 10th will drop 4 points per spot. 11th through 15th will drop 3 points per spot. 16th through last place will drop 2 points per spot. 



       Weigh in will be at 2 pm with a 3 fish limit, there will be no culling of fish at the boat ramp. Short fish weighed will cost each team there largest fish weighed. Dead fish will not be allowed to be weighed  for the big bass prize. It is your reasonability to ask to weigh your big fish for big bass. There will be a .50lb deduction for each dead fish weighed. No culling of dead fish violators will be banned from the club. All fish will be released back into the lake directly after being weighed by one of the release boats, with the exception of dead fish. Any team late for weigh in will be disqualified unless tournament director or club president is notified and it is approved. All anglers weighing in fish must be to the scale by 2:15 anyone not in line by 2:15 will be disqualified unless approved by a club officer. If there is a tie the team with the largest fish will be awarded the win. If big fish is not weighed for either team payout will be split.



       All boats will be checked for working lights and life jackets, also live wells will be checked before being launched. Life jackets must be worn anytime the combustion engine is running.



       No trolling or live bait will be permitted. Teams must follow state and local regulations. Only one rod can be used at a time. You may never leave your boat during tournament hours. If a emergency comes up and you have to leave please notify  the club president or tournament director.



       Any club member behaving in a un sportsmanship manner or having negative impact on the clubs image will be banned from the club. There will be no alcohol allowed during tournament hours. (Arrival to departure of a event)


  • PREFISHING No pre fishing will be allowed six days prior to the tournament. (Monday-Saturday) If a team is caught prefishing in the no fishing time frame that team will not be allowed to fish the next season tournament. Exceptions to this rule can be approved by club president only for members that are fishing with another club on the same body of water within six days prior of our club tournament. Club President must be notified if schedule conflicts occur.




        To qualify for the classic you must fish 8 of the 11 tournaments.

        Lake Pick: A drawing from all season lakes season will go into a drawing two days before the classic.  Lake will be picked and announced by                   noon the day before the classic tournament and posted on the website and the Facebook page.

        The top 3 weight holder from the season tournaments will gain free entry for the classic paid by yearly member dues.

        Entry Fee: Entry will be $80 per team for entry into the classic. If the club has enough reaming member dues the club will add $20 per team to              the entry making the total of $100 towards entry fees.

        Limit: We will remain a three fish limit for the classic. 

        Payouts: 10 boats will pay three spots, 12 boats will pay four spots and 14 boats will pay 5 spots. If there is a odd number of entries the pay out            will round down.

        Members have the option to pay for missed tournaments to qualify for the classic.

        Days Of Classic: Highlands County Bass Clubs classic will be a two day event.

        Take Off Position: Take off order for only the classic will be determined by yearly weight the order will be the team with the lowest yearly weight            will be boat #1 working up the ranks and the highest team in yearly point  will take off last.



       For more information or any questions or concerns please contact the club president

       Dave Allen